In days before the advent of computers and televisions, it was the fireplace that commanded the centre of attention in your living spaces, the bigger and more detailed your fireplace the higher your standing on the social ladder.

Bespoke designed uniquely for your room the possibilities are endless.


Whilst we are not suggesting that you ditch your flat screen, a stone fireplace does add a touch of class to any room in your house.
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Quality & Craftsmanship

Knowledge and experience can never be underestimated. Special attention to every detail is what sets Wood for Stone apart. All customers are given confidence to pursue their vision through help and advice at every step, from design to installation.

Each project is as unique and precious as the natural stone itself. On completion, customers are provided with products to maintain the freshness of their materials, and in addition a full after care maintenance service is provided. In addition their Online Store sells everything required to keep your product looking like new.

We are always on call, happy and willing to assist at any time in an advisory capacity.
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